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New Gallery Button For Each Product Category
By Valdani Team on November 05, 2023

Hello, fellow artisans and enthusiasts! We've got some exciting news to share with you. Have you ever wondered what your fellow designers have been up to with the exquisite Valdani hand-dyed and colorfast threads? Well, wonder no more because we're thrilled to introduce the all-new Gallery Button on our website – your gateway to a world of inspiration and creativity.

Here's where the magic happens. In the Gallery, you'll see what fellow designers and artists from around the world have been working on. It's a celebration of creativity in all its forms – from intricate embroidery and quilting to breathtaking crochet, cross-stitch and textile art.

You'll be amazed by the diversity of projects on display. Perhaps you'll stumble upon a vibrant floral design that sparks your passion for springtime crafts. Or maybe you'll find a cozy, autumn-inspired quilt that whispers of crisp leaves and pumpkin spice. The Valdani Gallery is a treasure trove of ideas waiting to ignite your own creative fire.

But that's not all! In the upper right corner of each project, you'll spot an "i" icon. Clicking on it will reveal additional details about the project, including where you can purchase it. That's right – you can bring the beauty of these creations into your own life by acquiring the project you fall in love with.

Have you recently completed a project using Valdani threads? We invite you to be part of our community and share your masterpiece with the world. Add your project to your Facebook wall and tag Valdani (#valdanithreads) and let us know which Valdani product you have used. Many of these beautiful projects make it to our website Gallery. The website Gallery is s a work in progress, we are constantly updating it with new projects! Check it out each time you visit us!

Welcome to the Valdani Gallery – where creativity knows no bounds, and every thread tells a story!

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