Understanding the Differences: Perle Cotton vs. Embroidery Floss
By Valdani Team on November 18, 2023

When it comes to needlework, the choice of thread can significantly impact the final result of your project. Two popular types of thread are Perle Cotton and Embroidery Floss. Though they may seem similar at first glance, they have distinct characteristics and uses. This article delves into the differences between these two threads, helping crafters make informed decisions for their projects.

Valdani Perle Cotton: This is a non-divisible, twisted thread, made from 100% long staple Egyptian cotton, it's known for its strength and durability. Perle Cotton is smooth and doesn't separate or fray easily, providing a consistent and textured appearance. It's available in three main sizes: 5, 8, and 12, with 5 being the thickest.

Valdani Embroidery Floss: Embroidery floss is a divisible thread composed of six strands (6-ply Floss) or three strands (3-Strand Floss). It’s known for its softness and beautiful finish. The divisibility allows crafters to adjust the thread's thickness by using more or fewer strands, offering versatility in texture and detail.

When to Use Perle Cotton:

  • It's ideal for projects where a more defined and slightly raised texture is desired.
  • Its non-divisible nature makes it perfect for needlepoint, surface embroidery, wool applique and cross-stitching on heavier fabrics.
  • Due to its sturdiness, it's also preferred for projects like quilting, crochet, and fringe-making.

When to Use Embroidery Floss:

  • Embroidery floss is the go-to for projects requiring finer detail and a smoother, flatter appearance.
  • It’s excellent for traditional embroidery, cross-stitch on finer fabrics, and detailed work where varying thread thickness is required.
  • Its divisibility is particularly advantageous for delicate work on lighter fabrics.

Both Perle Cotton and Embroidery Floss come in a wide range of colors. Valdani has over 330 colors, to choose from and expanding the color range every few months. All threads made by Valdani are Hand-Dyed and Colorfast. The choice between the two can impact the aesthetic of your project, depending on whether you’re aiming for a subtle elegance or a more pronounced texture.

Perle Cotton’s tightly twisted structure offers excellent durability, making it suitable for items that require frequent washing or use, like quilts or wearables. Embroidery floss, while also durable, is more prone to fraying and may require more delicate handling during both the crafting process and maintenance. However, Valdani uses high quality cotton from Egypt that has a much higher durability and strength than other threads available on the market.

Choosing between Perle Cotton and Embroidery Floss depends on the requirements of your project. For bold, textured, and durable designs, Perle Cotton is the ideal choice. However, for intricate, detailed, and softer designs, Embroidery Floss is more suitable. Understanding these differences empowers crafters to select the right thread for their project, ensuring that the final piece not only looks beautiful but also meets the functional needs of its intended use.

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