Quilting & Sewing Cotton for Machine and Hand

Our Hand-Dyed Quilting & Sewing Threads for machines, meticulously crafted for optimal performance in your creative endeavors. Quilting involves stitching together layers of fabric to create a padded material, often used in making blankets, quilts, and other textiles. Sewing threads, essential for both quilting and general sewing projects, play a crucial role in ensuring the durability and visual appeal of your creations. These threads are not just functional; they are a perfect blend of high decorativeness, versatility, and strength, made from premium long-staple Egyptian cotton, Hand-Dyed and Colorfast. Use them with confidence to enhance the beauty of your projects, safe in the knowledge that these threads will never bleed, preserving the vibrancy of your colors over time.

Introducing the unparalleled Artist's 50wt.™ 2-ply All Purpose Thread in all the beautiful Hand-Dyed, Colorfast colors! The 50wt. thread is the most versatile and most popular type of thread and now it's available in the beautiful Valdani hand-dyed colors!Yes, over 330 colors matching our Perle Cotton, Embroidery Floss palette!

Elevate your stitching experience with our latest Artist's 50wt.™ 2-ply All Purpose Artist's Thread – a masterpiece in the world of machine embroidery, machine sewing and quilting. Crafted from the finest long staple Egyptian cotton, this thread is a testament to quality, durability, and unmatched performance.

At 500 meters, this spool is a treasure trove for artists and creators seeking an extended and seamless creative journey. Valdani takes pride in presenting a thread that effortlessly combines strength with delicacy, making it an ideal companion for a wide range of artistic endeavors.

100% Cotton, the thread's foundation in the highest quality Egyptian cotton, guarantees a smooth and consistent stitch, allowing your artistic vision to flourish without compromise. Give your sewing machine a new treat with this soft yet durable Artist's 50wt.™ 2-ply All Purpose Thread! With one less ply, 2-ply threads are generally less bulky than their 3-ply counterparts. This characteristic can be advantageous in projects where minimizing bulk is essential. Quilters often prefer 2-ply threads for their precision, especially in intricate piecing and detailed quilting.

The Valdani All Purpose Artist's Thread goes beyond the ordinary by offering hand-dyed, colorfast shades combined with the highest quality cotton! Imbued with expert craftsmanship, these colors resist fading, ensuring your projects remain a testament to your artistic prowess for years to come. Say goodbye to concerns about the longevity of your artwork – our thread is designed to withstand the test of time with grace.

The Artist's 50wt.™ 2-ply All Purpose Thread is your key to unlocking a world of possibilities. Indulge in the luxury of superior materials, and create timeless masterpieces with Valdani – where every stitch tells a story of excellence.

We offer four weights of Quilting & Sewing cotton thread (spools)

  • Artist's 50wt.™ 2-ply- Great for machine embroidery!
  • 60wt: This fine thread is excellent for delicate work such as lace, appliqué, and both machine and hand embroidery. Its lightweight nature allows for intricate stitching without adding bulk to the fabric.
  • 50wt-3ply: A versatile thread suitable for machine quilting at various skill levels, including both home and longarm quilting machines. It's also used for general stitching and sewing tasks.
  • 35wt: This heavier thread is designed for advanced machine quilting, both at home and on longarm machines. It's also suitable for hand quilting and other stitching techniques like tatting. Using a 90-needle with this thread ensures optimal results.

Quilting & Sewing Threads Solids

  • Quilting and sewing threads in solids, with a single, uniform color, create a cohesive fabric look. These versatile threads are perfect for functional and decorative stitching, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Choose from over 100 superb solid options, suitable for various projects, and find the perfect thread for your creative vision, whether you need smaller or longer yardage.

Variegated Quilting & Sewing Threads

  • Variegated quilting and sewing threads are threads that exhibit a range of colors in a single strand, creating a multi-hued or gradient effect when stitched. Explore over 100 superb colors for piecing, quilting, and topstitching, and find the perfect yardage for your project, whether smaller or longer.

Quilting & Sewing Threads Collections

  • Our special Quilting & Sewing Thread Collection is handpicked to make your creative projects shine. Dive into a range of bright colors to find the perfect thread for any quilting or sewing project. This collection works great for different stitching styles, making it easy to bring your artistic ideas to life. Explore the options and improve your crafting with our varied and top-notch thread selection.

Craft a unified fabric appearance with our solid quilting and sewing threads, boasting a single, consistent color. These adaptable threads are ideal for both functional and decorative stitching, elevating the overall aesthetic. Explore a selection of over 155 excellent solid options, perfect for a range of projects. Discover the ideal thread for your creative vision, whether you require a smaller or longer yardage.

Discover the charm of variegated quilting and sewing threads, which showcase a spectrum of colors within a single strand, producing a captivating multi-hued or gradient effect when stitched. Dive into a palette of over 180 outstanding colors suitable for piecing, quilting, and topstitching.

Delve into creativity with our exclusive Quilting & Sewing Thread Collection, curated to add brilliance to your projects. Immerse yourself in a palette of vibrant colors, discovering the perfect thread for any quilting or sewing endeavor. Tailored for various stitching styles, this collection effortlessly brings your artistic ideas to life. Explore the options and enhance your crafting experience with our diverse and premium thread selection. So many beautiful collections for you to choose from. All colors Hand-Dyed and Variegated. Many colors to work with for your wonderful projects!

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