Polyester Threads Variegated

Unique in the World! For the first time created: 2-ply Hand-Dyed Variegated Twisted Poly and Cotton. This unique specialty thread gives you a PHENOMENAL effect in embroidery and any embellishment projects. Though very fine and smooth it also creates Depth thanks to the Hand-Dyed random Fluff that renders the thread the coverage qualities of embroidery floss. Use it with the regular 40 software.

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Carol Ann Waugh: Stupendous Stitches Thread Pack
T - Caramel Cream - very soft yellows, beiges, browns
T1 - Mango Mousse - very soft mango shades
T5 - Blue Porcupine - spiky blues, grays, a touch of golden light
T7 - Tropical Sun - soft , subdued orange and golds
T8 - Subtle Daffodils - subdued golden limes, soft reds
T9 - Translucent Bees - soft, subdued blues and yellows
T10 - Sunny Meadow - golds with soft reds and greens
T18 - Purple Peaches - subdued purples, very subtle peachy rose
T31 - Sun Eclipse - soft golds, with grays and black
T45 - Sunshine Brights - soft golden brights
T46 - Sunny Clouds - soft blues, subtle yellows
T48 - Forest Shade - subtle, subdued greens, orange, black, gold
T51 - Leaf Dew - subtlef fresh greens, soft reds, subdued rosy beiges
T54 - Bright Twilight - subdued orange, soft: yellows, blues, reds
T59 - Golden Skies - golds, subdued blues, neutrals
T60 - Teddy Bear - subdued golden fur shades
T64 - Twilight - subdued: quiet orange golds, blues, reds
T78 - Trembling Leaf - subdued beiges, browns, lt. greens
T90 - Gold Squirrel - subdued browns, quiet rich golds
Carol Ann Waugh: Stupendous Stitches Thread Pack

Beautiful package: 1 polyester spool, 1 rayon spool, 1 sewing cotton spool, 1 perle cotton ball, 1 silk pearl ball, 1 silk floss ball.

Please note that the colors in the package may vary as per in stock availability!

Carol Ann Waugh - Thread Package @ CAD $40.00