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Pearl Cotton Skeins

Use the Superb Hand-Dyed Cotton Floss. COLORFAST!
The exquisite shading of this floss, that only minute Hand-Dying can achieve gives your project the Depth and Dimension of painting.
Use two strands for regular needlepoint. You want to use one strand for very fine needlepoint .
Unlike other hand-dyed and even machine dyed floss on the market, ours, as all our threads, is Colorfast. Thanks to this valuable feature, you can confidently use it on washable projects as well.
Minimum wholesale order is $80 (+ shipping and handling).

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H201 - Rust / Heirloom Collection
H204 - Nostalgic Rose / Heirloom Collection
H205 - Ancient Gold / Heirloom Collection
H206 - Washed Orange / Heirloom Collection
H210 - Melancholic Purple / Heirloom Collection
H211 - Blue Black / Heirloom Collection
H212 - Faded Brown / Heirloom Collection
JP1 - Sunwashed / Muddy Monet Collection
JP6 - Muddy Pots / Muddy Monet Collection
JP8 - Spring Leaves / Muddy Monet Collection
M14 - Roses - shades of rose and pink
M37 - Autumn - rust, burnt oranges, browns
M43 - Vibrant Reds
M80 - Distant Grass
M80* - Distant Grass - light spring yellow-greens, diffused sage
M91 - Black Night - black navy, black
O78 - Aged Wine
O78* - Aged Wine - deep burgundy shades
O145 - Earth Shades
O154 - Dark Antique Golds
O178* - Tea-Dyed Stone
O196 - Muddy Bark
O217 - Yummy Pumpkin
O503 - Garnets - rich deep burgundy
O506 - Cinnamon Swirl - cinnamon browns, rusty caramel
O507 - Rich Wine - rose burgundy, muted mulberry fuchsia
O510 - Terracotta Twist - superb terracotta shades, rust, burnt orange
O511 - Black Sea - black with very dark navy
O512 - Chimney Dust - earth beiges, dusty browns, washed tans
O513 - Coffee Roast
O514 - Wheat Husk - quiet beiges, tans, natural, tanned off-white
O519 - Green Olives - shades of olive greens
O521 - Mulberry Grape - soft roses, periwinkle, mulberry mauves
O523 - Cherry Basket
O526 - Green Pastures - subtle shading of summer-leaf greens
O531 - Black Nut - black, dark browns, charcoal, grays
O533 - Golden Autumn - golden reds, burgundy, gold
O538 - Cottage Smoke - smoky whites
O539 - Evergreens - rich greens
O543 - Lime Sherbet
O544 - Pond Ripple - pondy blue-greens
O547 - Burnt Chocolate - dark browns, black
O551 - Sunshine
O560 - Morning Grass
O571 - Tea Honey - country golds
O574 - Dried Leaves
O592 - Primitive Purples for Primitive Gatherings
O775 - Proud Turkey
P1 - Old Brick / Vintage Hues Sampler for J. Paton
P2 - Olive Green / Vintage Hues for J. Paton
P3 - Aged White Medium / Vintage Hues for J. Paton
P8 - Old Rose / Vintage Hues for J. Paton
P9 - Bronze / Vintage Hues for J. Paton
P11 - Aged Black / Vintage Hues for J. Paton
P12 - Brown / Vintage Hues for Jacqueline Paton
V1 - Orange Blossom - sunny orange yellows, sunny orange
V60 - Pinks & Purples
Wonderful Color Assortment PC size 5-30 Skeins
Wonderful Color Assortment PC size 8-30 Skeins
H201 - Rust / Heirloom Collection
Size 8 - 20m @ CAD $3.50
Size 5 - 10m @ CAD $3.50