Silk Floss

A FABULOUS silk, Hand-Dyed, COLORFAST! The shiniest stranded spun silk on the market! Comes in 6 strands, one strand being about the same size as one strand of our stranded cotton. The difference between the silk and the cotton is the beautiful natural high sheen of the silk, which will last for generations and generations. The Valdani Luxury Silk Floss is a very strong silk, coming in a beautiful palette of subtle shaded colors, exquisitely elegant in any embroidery, wool applique or needlework project.
HUGE yardage: 6-strands of 23 yards each/ball!!!
Minimum wholesale order is $80 (+ shipping and handling).
OBS! As STEAM IRONING developes a very high temperature, Do NOT IRON WHEN DAMP!


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4 - Ivory
H204 - Nostalgic Rose
H210 - Melancholic Purple - Heirloom Collection
JP12 - Seaside - Muddy Monet Collection
M14 - Roses
M19 - Green Olives
M24 - Water Reflections - lt.blues, teals, greens
M30 - Deep Waters - deep teals,blues,greens
M49 - Subtle Elegance - cream, off-white
O244 - Love of Life
O511 - Black Sea
O519 - Green Olives - shades of olive greens
O537 - Sea Deep - subdued blues
O560 - Morning Grass - fresh grass greens
O775 - Turkey Red
P3 - Aged White
P4 - Aged White Light
P7 - Withered Blue
S 1 - Orchids
S 12 - Black Bark
S 78 - Aged Wine
S 153 - Golden Moss
S 196 - Olive Steel
S 201 - Latte
S 506 - Washed Cinnamon
S 547 - Burnt Chocolate - dark browns, black
S 574 - Gray Teal
V16 - Violette di Parma
4 - Ivory
SILK Floss @ CAD $9.99