Discover Valdani's New Events Feature!
By Valdani Team on November 21, 2023

Valdani, a name synonymous with quality in the world of thread and needlework, is excited to announce the launch of a new feature on its website – a dedicated space for teachers, designers, and businesses to promote their events featuring Valdani threads. Valdani's latest initiative is designed to create a vibrant community around events that showcase the versatility and beauty of Valdani threads. Whether you're a teacher hosting a workshop, a designer participating in a craft fair, or a business involved in a needlework exhibition, this platform offers a unique opportunity to publicize your event.

Benefits of Posting Your Event on Valdani's Platform

  1. Increased Visibility: Your event details, including booth number, products on display, and classes, will be featured across Valdani’s influential platforms.
  2. Multi-Channel Promotion: Take advantage of the broad reach of the Valdani Website, our engaging Social Media channels, and our informative Newsletters.
  3. Targeted Reach: Connect directly with a passionate audience who are enthusiasts of Valdani threads and high-quality crafting.

How It Works

  • Simple Posting Process: Log in to and easily post your event details by clicking on the Events tab. You need to be logged in TO POST events.
  • Comprehensive Information Sharing: Provide information like the event location, booth number, specific Valdani products you’ll feature, and any special classes or workshops you’re conducting.
  • Diverse Platforms for Promotion: Once your event is live, it will be featured on Valdani’s website, social media, and newsletters, offering a comprehensive promotional boost.

Why Valdani's New Feature is a Must-Use

  • For Event Hosts: Whether you’re a teacher or a craft business, this feature provides an unparalleled platform to attract more attendees and enhance the profile of your event.
  • For Participants: If you’re showcasing Valdani threads at an event, this tool allows you to draw more attention to your booth or workshop, increasing engagement and potential sales.

At Valdani, it's not just about selling threads – it's about fostering a community. This new feature represents our commitment to supporting the people who bring the art of crafting to life. By promoting events where Valdani threads shine, we aim to build a more connected and vibrant crafting community.

If you’re planning an event where Valdani threads play a role, don’t miss this chance for extra publicity and community engagement. Log in to today and post your event details. Let's work together to make your event more successful and bring the crafting community closer.

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